Sunday, September 12, 2010

Second Saturday

                                                                       The Cat
We returned Saturday in hopes of finding the Bob cat that surprised us last week (last post). We were easing through some of the access roads for the pump jacks on the western side of the refuge when we found this cat. When we first spotted it, the cat blended with the back ground very well. He was setting pretty still till I rolled down the window. Then he started moving around.

We also stared up into the tree, thinking another cat would be there. I think the cat was just measuring the amount of energy required to git up the tree and the to git back down.

                                See the cat?

The Birds
I tried laying on the ground, I tried walking up to these birds, but they kept their distance

Refuge Woodlands

of course the Turtle
Another very necessary link in the food chain, Mr T appears without any worldly issues, kicked back and sunnin on a log

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Short Holiday

Friday night the temperature dipped into the 60s. Wow, for some of us, that was a great start to the holiday weekend. I'm sure the wildlife was glad, too. Everything seemed to be on the move.

It must be time for a nap.

Least Terns I think.
Here is more terns from down south

Three amigos...

We all gotta eat. A Turtle munching on a fish.

These three had been down to the lake for a drink.

This kitty surprised us. We had been shooting aperture priority in bright sunlight (f32) and when we drove into the heavy shadows, the Bobcat chose to appear on the road. There was a culvert that runs under the roadway to a pool of water. When I first saw the cat he was moving away from the water. I guess he was as surprised to see us as we were to see him. He ran back to the culvert and ran through to the other side of the road. Sorry , I only managed three rapid shots from the camera as he turned to run. This one was shot at 1/25sec and f32. I didn't even think about the aperture setting. Typically when shooting it stays at f8~f11. If given the opportunity I'll do better next time. It is proof that you need to go to the wildlife refuges and witness some life.

Yep, He was there too! Maybe a little out of my camera's range. No Maybe to it...

Three out of four said this was a good fishing spot.

Monday, June 7, 2010

90 degrees in the Sun

The Southerly breeze made photographing the butterflies and moths a bit tricky.

Hanging at the refuge

It is hard to believe that this was under water a few months ago

Tiger Swallowtail

A stroll (swim) in the park

Saturday, January 9, 2010

30 Degrees in the Sun

It is always a pleasure to drive up to the Hagerman.
The drive was prompted by the bright sunshine with only a slight breeze.

There was very little open water .
Food for the wildlife was hard to find .

I think this picture says it all. This Heron was
stalking and pecking at food under the ice.

This Heron flew out a hundred yards, then flew
back to original position. I kept waiting for the
Herons to land on the ice.

Red was at the Refuge Office eating.

more ice. After two or three days below
freezing , with temps in the low teens
the past two nights help create this giant ice rink

It was getting late, so I shot this with a flash
giving all the birds 'red eye'.

Food is where you find it.

Evening flights out to roost or parts unknown.

Wave action, wind, and temperature

Hagerman's Ice Hockey Team. There was
another group of birds to the East that had
a small amount of liquid to land in.

Cold cuts, little crunchy

Ice fishing buddies

Says it all.

Normally shy, this Blue allowed my approach
to get this close up.
As soon as the Sun went down the temperature dropped two degrees.