Sunday, January 20, 2013

Passing through

 The Sunrise was as usual 'amazing'. I pulled into the reserve shortly after sunrise.
 There were plenty of wading birds in the marshy areas. We drove out to the Sandy Point drive.
There is a culvert running under the road that allows for a collection of water 

Here is what I believe to be an indigo bunting into the Saturday bathing scenario a bit early in the day.
There was this one isolated pool of water that was a community bath house. As this photographer approached, several of these buntings flew away. This one must have had soap in it's eyes. The bird stayed long enough to see the lens, rinse off and it was gone.

 There were several following visitors to the pool of water.

We decided to move around to see if anyone was out and about.
Moving on to the open water, this Great Blue had a frown on it's face.
 Must have been the wind.

The Geese and friends were still hanging out at the Hagerman.