Friday, December 9, 2011

Dining at the reserve 11-27-2011

Quiet lunch at the Reserve
This Northern Harrier shows up looking for his lunch.

The Harrier dipped down towards the feeding ducks. Maybe he just wanted some company in the air.
He is on the right hand side of the main body of birds and even with the dark grass line that you see at the middle of the page

Another quick pass by the harrier through the flock of ducks sent them in every direction. The harrier made some very quick course changes while the ducks were in the escape and evasion mode. I'll try to have better shots just as soon as I can up grade from this 70~200.

Along came A pair out looking for food

Armadillo looking for food.

These birds are laying low while all those hawks are around

You are in the landing pattern

The Geese relocating from the lake to the field for a midday feed.

Got Food