Saturday, November 3, 2012

11-3-2012 Quick drive thru

Another special sunup at Hagerman
There was a lot of human activity at Hagerman this morning
 and it didn't go unnoticed.

These coyotes couldn't make up their minds which way to run.
After checking in with the Malnorys I was invited to ride in the
C & E 'Cardinal Carrage' that had been  donated to the refuge.
The following are some of the shots I made while riding
 along with Bert (driving) and Dick (narrating).
The tour was a  hour,  give or take and the ride was
quite nice with the electric drive and the open shooting platform of the carriage.
This Harrier almost missed his picture as we drove down the road.
My equipment continues to be canon 7D 70-200 2.8IS w/1x1.4 tele-converter
shot at f6 with speed of 1/4000 ISO 400 hand held at 3~4 mph
Thought I'd add this cropped shot of the Harrier.

Check point charlie looking for handouts?
(naw, just drying their wings)

Our escort back to the Visitor center


Greater Yellow legs

One male and all those women

'Grumpy' the Red Tail Hawk said:
Yaal come back now!