Sunday, July 28, 2013

July, 28 Drive by

Sunrise at the Reserve

The parent in all of us can identify with this bird in the fact that there is never enough food. Geococcyx californianus, Greater roadrunner.

While watching for a Red Headed woodpecker at the Hagerman NWR  on one of the many oil pump jack roads, I noticed this bird running back and forth in several clumps of brush chasing something . I moved a bit closer. Then roadrunner   began running  alongside of the road carrying it’s  bounty, stopping from time to time to look in clumps of brush.  I guess it had room for more food?? I saw right away the snake, but it was near the end or the run that I saw the locust in addition.

The Road runner traveled at least a quarter mile after collecting food for the chicks at the nest or hiding place. I did not see where that was.  I followed the bird until it turned and looked at me and then ran into the underbrush. I guess, that was my queue to move on. I did so after several minutes of watching the area for more activity from the roadrunner.  


Everyone is eating grasshoppers

Funnel Spider

Another pretty face (Turkey Vulture)

Mom brought me another grasshopper, What is up with that?
Are there no worms?



Saturday, July 20, 2013